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For some women the mental tonic of taking charge and doing something positive is a tremendous boost. If you are lucky, you will have a partner, family or friends to support you - though do not expect them to want to do as you do. Remember, there is nothing worse than a preaching convert!

Find your own place within this framework, and go at the speed you find acceptable. Don't let anyone dissuade you with 'It's not proven' or 'You are wasting your time'. If it feels right, do it. The power of the mind in the healing process is not the domain of this article, but never

under-estimate its impact. Don't measure yourself against other people who may be doing more or less - it's not a race! This is a time, more than any other, when you are probably taking stock and becoming body-aware - maybe more than you want to. As with any other health regime, you will quickly become aware of what makes you feel good and what doesn't - listen to this inner wisdom. The seriousness of breast cancer does not detract from that, and probably gives an extra incentive which may have been lacking in the past. If I could patent the feel-good factor (FGF) of nutrition I would be rich! Take some of the FGF for yourself and make it your own.