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One significant study found that the higher the level of prenatal PCB exposure, the heavier the girls were at age four- f teen and their puberty was statistically earlier. Boys with higher prenatal exposure to DDE also were fatter, but the age they entered puberty was not affected. Could childhood obesity be partially caused by prenatal exposure to endocrine disrupters?4

Two new studies indicate that Monsanto's herbicide, Roundup, is a hormone disrupter and is also associated with birth defects in humans.

Farm families that applied pesticides to their crops in Minnesota were studied to see if their elevated exposure to pesticides caused birth defects in their children. The study found that two kinds of pesticide fungicides and the herbicide Roundup were linked to statistically significant increases in birth defects. Roundup was also linked to a three-fold increase in neuro-developmental (attention deficit) disorders.




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